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HOT cell

Moving hot cells

HOY Scandinavian has previously been responsible for moving hot cells at Aarhus University Hospital. This is a complex job, which requires considerable technical insight and logistical overview – from which we gained a lot of experience. That's why we accepted a new, major job for the same hospital. The entire Radio Chemistry Department had to be moved from Nørrebrogade in Aarhus to Skejby. Seven hot cells had to be moved to the new address.

Primary Project Manager

The hot cells that was moved, were from our own suppliers, Comecer and Von Gahlen. We worked closely with Comecer in moving them. In our role as Project Manager, we coordinated all the logistics concerning the move, including setting up a team of experienced specialists. Our job was to coordinate all the stakeholders involved and ensure a smooth and efficient move of the seven hot cells.

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What the customer says:

"Hoy Scientific (the company's former name) had already moved hot cells for us in 2009. They had also supplied several specially-developed lead cabinets – all of very high quality. That's why we had no hesitation in working with them again to move the seven hot cells. Despite the company has changed name and has a new owner, they still have the expertise.

Our collaboration with HOY Scandinavian worked very smoothly. We experienced that they were easy to work with and we maintain a close dialogue. This project was run as a standalone project, and we were only contacted if relevant decisions needed to be made. HOY Scandinavian started well, and the feedback I have received is that they stuck to schedule."

Dirk Bender, PhD, Senior Chemist, Aarhus University Hospital, Department for Nuclear Medicine and PET Centre.

HOT cells
HOT cells
HOT cell
HOT cell
HOT cell

The process

The actual move included dismantling, temporary storage and reassembly of the hot cells. To be able to handle this element of the job, we involved external specialists and suppliers.

Before the hot cells could be installed in the new location, they had to be adapted. Our workshop therefore took on the process and at the same time adapting and rebuilding the cells to meet the new requirements at Skejby.