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HOY Exclusive

HOY Exclusive product line is developed in close cooperation with health care specialists. The result is a range of products in which practical functionality and user-friendliness is combined. A high level of individual safety is integrated. That is why we can provide products that are able to live up to the high levels of quality and standards expected by the health care sector.

HOY Scandinavian is currently one of the biggest suppliers of products for radiation protection in nuclear medical and PET departments. Our wide range of modern equipment and implements features timeless Scandinavian design which are adapted to meet European standards.

We also develop special solutions in close cooperation with our customers for the hospital industry. Customized solutions are developed with specialists from the relevant departments with the purpose of creating a better and easier work environment for their personnel. These solutions have the same high level of quality and safety as the rest of our range.

HOY Scandinavian provides products and services within the following categories: