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Sliding syringe shield

Sliding syringe shield

Use: For handling of and protection against radioactive content in syringes.

Function: Developed to combine user-friendly functionality with high safety.

Advantages: User-friendly model composed of two parts. The parts can be easily slid apart with a light grip, and the syringe placed inside. The model is held together by powerful magnets, and the syringe can be turned through 360-degrees inside when the shield is assembled. Ideal for needles with safety caps or 3-way valves.

Item number: Defined according to item number key depending on type – see example (PDF)

  • 2.5 mm tungsten
  • Lead glass window with a density of 5.3 g per cm3
  • Fits many different types of syringes
  • Available with two different lock systems.

Easy to assemble

Two-part syringe shield. The parts can be easily slid apart and are held together by powerful magnets. Ideal for needles with safety caps.