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Special solutions

We also undertake special projects for our customers. Such projects can range from the development of a waste bin with specific dimensions to moving large hot cells from one hospital department to another. No project is too small, nor too big.

We are good at listening to what our customers need, and have broad experience of developing implements and equipment for nuclear medicine and oncology departments, as well as for laboratories.

Focus on safety

Our prime value is responsibility, and when developing new products or undertaking projects, we always focus on safety. Because it concerns people and personal safety in the workplace – for people’s sake.

To follow are examples of some of the special projects we have successfully completed.

If you need assistance to take on a highly complex job, or development of special equipment to make work easier, do not hesitate to contact us.

Moving hot cells

Moving hot cells

Moving seven hot cells to a new Radio Chemistry Department at Aarhus University Hospital.

Led Castle with Lead Shielding

Lead Castle with Lead Shielding

Development of Led Castle with L-shielding for Rigshospitalet