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PET syringe pig

PET Syringe Pig

Use: For storage of syringes with radioactive content.

Function: Used for putting syringes in when working with PET.

Advantages: Stores filled syringes safely, while protecting the user against radioactive radiation. This robust syringe shield stands securely on its own base.

Item number:

  • 35 mm lead
  • External dimensions: 100 x 185 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 30 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 16,2 kg
  • Magnetic
Tray with ball wheels

Easily-movable Tray on Wheels

A practical wheel on ball casters makes it easy to move the syringe pig in all directions. Heavy lifting can thus be avoided, making working procedures more flexible. The tray is available as an accessory.