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About HOY Scandinavian

The business was founded in 1991 by Ole Høj under the name of Hoy Scientific, and the HOY Exclusive range was launched in 2006 under the name of HOY Scandinavian.

As part of a planned transfer of the business, Erik Troue Jensen took over in 2017 and brought all activities under the name of HOY Scandinavian ApS.

The head office is located in Hadsund Denmark, with the HOY Exclusive product range outsourced to long-term, loyal and quality-conscious suppliers.

HOY Scandinavian is an international business that supplies products to nuclear medicine and oncology departments at hospitals and laboratories all over the world. We are known for supplying very high quality products and are now a market leader in many markets – particularly in Scandinavia and Europe.

Our home market is primarily Denmark and Sweden. We are represented in other markets by a distributor network.

To be able to supply a broad, complete range of products to nuclear medicine departments, HOY Scandinavian represents a number of leading, high quality manufacturers.

Mission, vision and values

We have a clearly-defined mission to ensure that customers and colleagues within the industry continue to recognise and respect HOY Scandinavian. This is supported by our vision of supplying the best, safest products on the market. Products that are user-friendly, safe and functional, whilst fulfilling the high quality standards expected in the industry.

Our overall value is responsibility. We supply products to an industry in which safety must be paramount. Because safety concerns people and their personal safety in the workplace. That is why it is essential that we at HOY Scandinavian acts responsible – towards our customers and suppliers – for people’s sake.