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Use: For working with patients, e.g. when administering injections.

Function: Practical, mobile work station with optional equipment that can be selected according to the task to be done.

Advantages: Comes complete with standard dimensions and can be equipped with different modules according to requirement. This mobile work station can therefore be easily adapted to the job. E.g.: choose between a laptop table or spacious tray on the top. Or a waste bin for syringes and needles, a practical journal holder, a tape dispenser and so on. There are lots of ways of adapting the trolley to the job to be done.

The practical pull-out tray under the top can contain everything needed for working with patients and injections.

Mounted on heavy-duty, lockable wheels.

Also comes in a non-magnetic version.

Contact us for more details of customised trolleys.

Item number:
Trolley with 1 shelf and fixed height:
Trolley with 1 shelf and adjustable height:
Trolley for PET transport container:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Height: 910 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Depth: 650 mm
  • Removable wheels with lock.
Trolley with desktop
Trolley with pull-out tray
Two trolleys with different modules

Mobile work station with a range of equipment

Can be equipped according to requirement and job. E.g.: with laptop table, tray, journal holder, pull-out drawer, waste bin holder etc.