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PET syringe shield

PET syringe shield

Use: For handling of and protection against radioactive content in syringes.

Function: Developed to combine user-friendly functionality with high safety.

Advantages: The PET syringe shield is designed for working with syringes and injection of PET/FDG isotopes. Made of 10 mm tungsten and with a lead glass window. That increases safety and makes it possible to see the syringe inside the syringe shield. Can be adapted to any given syringe and comes with two different locks. Also comes in a non-magnetic version.

Item number: Defined according to item number key depending on type – see example (PDF)

  • 10 mm tungsten
  • Lead glass window
  • Fits many different types of syringes – 1 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml
  • Weight 750 g for 1 ml.
  • Available with two different lock systems.
  • Also comes in a non-magnetic version.
Two lock systems

Choose between two lock systems

Spring lock: The lock spring activates a small pin that keeps the syringe in place inside the syringe shield.

Twist lock: The syringe is retained by its own wings, that are turned into the lock.