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The Therabed system makes it possible to manage protected hospitalizations of patients undergoing metabolic radiotherapy.

The THERABED can retrieval patient records (from RIS/PACS systems or Nuclear Medicine management software) with the option to enter the information manually. The Management system can make sure that the planning of hospitalizations and room preparation is via a dedicated digital agenda.

The Therabed system can Manage patient assignments in hospital rooms and beds. It is also possible with the system to make a configuration of customizable reading algorithms which will be assigned to each patient.

THERABEDs probe management system makes it possible to do bed assignment and calibration management. In case of expired calibration, the system will make an alert.

The THERABED can make acquisition of dosimetric readings at set intervals with the option of additional readings compared to the number provided by the choosen algorithm, changes or deletion of inadequate readings.