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We offer outstanding service to all our customers, careless of size. Please contact us for questions, queries, products etc. We also produce various customer specific tasks, please contact us any time regarding your wishes.

In case of damaged / broken products, it is possible to return the product to us for repair, and we will look at it as soon as possible. In such cases, please send an error description to info@hoyscandinavian.dk, and we will help you. We offer repair of our own product line (Hoy Exclusive), and in relation to errors in other products purchased through Hoy Scandinavian, we are happy to help with service and contact to the supplier.



Our own product line (Hoy Exclusive) should be washed by hand with standard detergent and alcohol products, avoid washing the products in the dishwasher. When cleaning other products purchased through Hoy Scandinavian, we refer to the washing instructions according to the product.


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Hoy Scandinavian offers a wide range of products for nuclear medicine and oncology at hospitals, laboratories etc.


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