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Hoy Scandinavian is represented, by our distributors, in many countries around the world. Please see the list below for further information.


Germany: Rapp e.K - http://www.rapp-iso.de

England: Bartec Technologies Limited - http://www.bartectechnologies.com

Netherlands: PI Medical Diagnostic Equipment B.V. - http://www.pi-medical.nl

Belgium: C.Curie - http://www.ccurie.be

Switzerland: Raditec Medical AG - http://www.raditec.ch

Finland: MAP Medical Technologies Oy - http://www.mapmedical.fi

Malaysia: Persada Rimbun - http://www.nihonkagakusangyo.co.jp/english/ 

Norway: Scanrad Protection AS - http://www.scanrad.no

Estonia: Scanmed Group OU - http://www.scanmed.ee

Thailand: Nuclear System Co., Ltd. - http://www.nuclear-system.com

Italy: B.S.N. SRL - http://www.bsn-srl.it

France: Orion France - http://www.orion-france.com

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Khaliji Medicare - http://www.khalijimedicare.com

Singapore: Radiation Protection Solutions Pte Ltd - http://www.singaporemedtech.com/

Spain: Elecmed Medical Systems S. L. - http://www.elecmedmedicalsystem.es



Hoy Scandinavian


Hoy Scandinavian offers a wide range of products for nuclear medicine and oncology at hospitals, laboratories etc.


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